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Donations that make
a real difference.

Build a giving portfolio with all of the causes you care about. We'll work with experts to maximize your impact.

A better way to give...


Build a portfolio

Tell us which causes you care about, and we'll build you a portfolio of Causeway funds — collections of high impact nonprofits.


Set up your contribution

Customize your portfolio. We'll distribute your donation to maximize your impact.


Watch your donations make an impact

We work with philanthropy experts to ensure that the nonprofits in your portfolio are those with the greatest demonstrated need.

Causeway makes effective giving simple.

We'll work with you to build a thoughtful strategy for effective charitable giving.

Cause-focused funds

We build funds of highly-effective nonprofits. Our funds are vetted by experts in their fields, so even small donations make a difference.

Personal giving portfolios

We help you decide which funds to give to, and how much to give. Add any 501(c)(3) nonprofits to your portfolio.

Monthly impact statements

See how you're making a difference with a report that shows the estimated impact of your donations.

Tax receipt combination

Causeway makes it easy to track your giving by combining all of your donations into a single tax receipt.

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